Adelaide Fringe Festival

Adelaide Fringe Festival at The Wheaty!

Feel like heading West for the Fringe and seeing some super shows while drinking some of Australia's finest craft beer straight out of our brewery The Wheaty Brewing Corps? Come on down! 

Goodbye Stranger launch

Thurs 25th Feb from 5pm

Golden Ale is the yacht rock of the craft beer world. Smooth, mellow, middle of the road. Polished, balanced and safe. So wrong, yet so so right...

Enter 'Goodbye Stranger', our fresh, hoppy Golden Ale brewed for 'The Marina Yacht Rock Experience' Fringe Show at the Wheaty Feb 25th-28th inc

Two Birds Taco Taco, Three Way 3-Ways

Two Birds Taco Taco, Three Way 3-Ways

Sunday 28th July, 4-6pm Front Bar, Free Entry

Meet the Brewer & Two Birds Tasting with Jayne Lewis & Dani Allen