Adelaide Fringe Festival

Adelaide Fringe Festival at The Wheaty!

Feel like heading West for the Fringe and seeing some super shows while drinking some of Australia's finest craft beer straight out of our brewery The Wheaty Brewing Corps? Come on down! 

Adelaide Fringe 2014 @ The Wheaty!

Adelaide Fringe time is upon us once again, and we have a huge month of shows to keep you entertained - for full program details and ticket sales, jump onto the Adelaide Fringe website at: 

or head to the 'Gigs' page for more info! 



Adelaide Fringe @ The Wheaty

Adelaide Fringe 2013 kicks off at the Wheaty from Feb 15 - there'll be something on every day, so be sure to check out the Fringe Program at the link below, and grab your tickets early to avoid disappointment!

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