Weihenstephaner Braumeister

Wed 5th Oct 6-8pm

Founded in 1040 Weihenstephan is the World's oldest continually operating brewery. Fair to say they've learnt a thing or zwei about beer in their near 1000 year history. We're thrilled to be hosting Head Braumeister Tobias Zollo for a Tap Showcase and chat in the Front Bar...

Break Bock with a European Master!

Festa della Birra Italiana

Sun 18th November from 2-4pm (and beyond)

Italy has embraced the Craft Beer Revolution con molto entusiasmo over the last decade and we figured it's time to celebrate some of the Breweries at the forefront of this revolution.

So, in conjunction with the eccellentissimo Experience IT Birra Italiana, we'll be pouring 5 Breweries over 10 Taps...