Festa della Birra Italiana

Posted: 04/11/12

Festa della Birra Italiana

Sun Nov 18th from 2-4pm (and beyond)

Italy has embraced the Craft Beer Revolution con molto entusiasmo over the last decade and we figured it’s time to celebrate some of the Breweries at the forefront of this revolution that brew with an eye towards the New World and boots planted firmly in the Old – their own versions of American versions of European classics with a distinctly Italian twist. So, in conjunction with the eccellentissimo Italian Craft Beer importers Birra Italiana Experience IT, it’s time to present our Festa della Birra Italiana!

We’ll be pouring 25 Beers from 5 Breweries over 10 Taps throughout the day (including 14 Australian Tap firsts and 2 Wheaty exclusives), Golonka will be peddling their rollicking gypsy tunes in the Front Bar, Experience IT's Kerrie Abba will be on hand to guide us through all things Birra Italiana and we’ll uphold the time honoured Thebarton Pub tradition of the ‘schlook’ raffle…

Opening Tap line-up:

1.      Ducato Viaemilia

2.      Ducato Chimera

3.      Ducato Wedding Rauch

4.      Opperbacco Tripping Flowers

5.      Toccalmatto B Space Invader

6.      Toccalmatto Stray Dog ‘No Rules’ Bitter

7.      Toccalmatto Surfing Hop DIPA

8.      Toccalmatto Sibila

9.      Brewfist Spaceman IPA

10.    Birra Del Borgo Stelle & Strisce

Followed by: Ducato AFO, Winterlude & Verdi Imperial Stout; Opperbacco EIPIEI; Toccalmatto Fume de Sanglier, Re Hop, Skizoid IPA, Supernova Suicide, Zio Selassie & Zona Cesarini; Brewfist Caterpillar & Birra Del Borgo Duchesse, Maledetta, My Antonia & ReAle Extra…

Kegs on for as long as they last

Viva una Festa - Don’t drive the car!