Font of Tartness 2017

Kicks off Sun 8th Jan from 3pm

Over 30 Farmhouse, Wild & Sours pouring throughout the month.

We sacrifice 6 of 13 Taps to Tarts, pouring varying levels of twang across an entire font, including a barrel aged 'Warehouse Ale' from the Wheaty Brewing Corps - 'Dirty Three' - and a special quartet of Rodenbach beers.

Font of Tartness 2016

Kicks off Sun 10th Jan from 3pm

Over 40 Farmhouse, Wild & Sours pouring over the fortnight.

The Font of Tartness is dedicated to putting a pucker in your moosh. From Gueuze to Gose, Barrel Aged to Berliner Weisse, Kettle Sour to Saison, get ready for some tang and pucker...

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