Font of Tartness 2016

Posted: 28/12/15

Kicks off Sun 10th Jan from 3pm

Over 40 Farmhouse, Wild & Sours pouring over the fortnight.

The Font of Tartness is dedicated to putting a pucker in your moosh. From Gueuze to Gose, Barrel Aged to Berliner Weisse, Kettle Sour to Saison, get ready for some tang and pucker.

We sacrifice 6 of 13 Taps to Tarts, pouring varying levels of twang across an entire font, including a barrel aged 'Warehouse Ale' from the Wheaty Brewing Corps - 'Dirty Three'. Come celebrate Old & New World interpretations of Wild and embrace sour as the new bitter.

Opening Tap line-up for the Font of Tartness

  1. ​Tilquin Gueuze
  2. Ducato Frambozshella
  3. Lervig Sour Suzy Berliner Weisse
  4. Pikes Cherry Kriek
  5. LoverBeer Saison De L'Ouvrier Serpilla 2014 
  6. Wheaty Brewing Corps Dirty Three (French)

Followed by:

Rodenbach Foederbier & Grand Cru; Loverbeer Madamin 2014; Bridge Road The Creek; Bridge Road/Wheaty Whisky Sour; Lindemans Gueze & Kriek; Hawkers Saison; Lobo Farmhouse Cider; To Øl Likewiesse; Lobethal/Yeastie Boys/Wheaty Saison; Hargreaves Hill Old Brown; Two Metre Tall Seven Year Itch Farmer's Resilience & Cleansing Ale; 8 Wired Saison Sauvin; Wheaty Brewing Corps Dirty Three (US), Alici Nero, Blackberry Saison, Kettle Sour Saison, Schmutzig, Apfel Schmutzig and a clutch of crackers to be confirmed...

The Font of Tartness unveiled from 3pm Sunday 10th January.

Kegs on for as long as they last

Pucker up!