Pint of Origin SA - Collaboration Edition

Fri 8th July from 6-8pm Front Bar, Free Entry

Crafty Pint founder, Good Beer Week co-founder and PoO mastermind James Smith is bringing his 'Crafty Cabal' to Thebarton - and we're putting a collaborative spin on the Pint of Origin Tap line-up for the night. We'll be splitting our Taps three ways between the beers of our Collaborators, the Collaboration beers themselves and Wheaty Brewing Corps staples...

Russian Caravan Launch!

Sun 6th Dec from 3-6pm, Front Bar

Our Collaboration with Cavalier Brewing & The Tea Catcher 'Russian Caravan' pouring alongside a full line-up of Wheaty Brewing Corps and Cavalier beers.

It was always going to be fun nutting out a collaboration with Cavalier ‘we’re open to literally anything’ Brewing...

Cavalier Tap Showcase & Meet the Cavaliers!

Saturday 22nd August 6pm-8pm Front Bar

One of Melbourne's most prolific microbreweries, Cavalier have gone from homebrewers to probrewers,  from 100L nano to 1000L micro, from gypsy to stainless, from brewing on other Breweries' gear to being home to other Brewer's tanks - and all in less than four years. They're also partial to Berliner Weisse; a beer close to our own Wheaty hearts...It's about time we had them back for another showcase!