Pint of Origin SA - Collaboration Edition

Posted: 22/06/16

Fri 8th July from 6-8pm Front Bar, Free Entry

Crafty Pint founder, Good Beer Week co-founder and PoO mastermind James Smith is bringing his 'Crafty Cabal' to Thebarton - and we're putting a collaborative spin on the Pint of Origin Tap line-up for the night. We'll be splitting our Taps three ways between the beers of our Collaborators, the Collaboration beers themselves and Wheaty Brewing Corps staples.

We'll be pouring:



  • Wheaty Brewing Corps/Mornington Honey Baltic Porter
  • WBC/Cavalier Russian Caravan
  • Hobart Brewing Co/WBC Shake 'n Grind Tassie Gose
  • WBC/Hawkers Tripoli Rosewater & Chamomile Tripel

Wheaty Brewing Corps:

  • Blood Oats
  • Non-Corps Promise
  • Black Pils
  • Thebby Bitter

Join James 'Crafty Pint' Smith and Matt 'Crafty SA' King for a post-collaboration brewday Fancy and talk Cabals, contracts, Bitters, beer writing, truth in advertising, Animal Farm, PoO trails and bulging biceps...

We'll be Foodtrucking: Taco Cat from 5pm

Kegs tapped 6pm, on for as long as they last!