Stone & Wood 'Forefathers' 2016 Launch with Willie Simpson

Sat 10th September 4-6pm

Share a brew with one of the legends of the Aussie Beer Revolution!

Catch Willie Simpson and Stone & Wood's Brad Rogers as they hit the road around Oz. The duo will be stopping in at venues across the country for a number of Forefathers Meet the Brewer sessions and plenty of this year's Doppelbock Lager.

Stone & Wood 'Beers of the Earth'

Fri 10th April from 5pm

The ritual of coming together and sharing a few beers is grounded in our world's history. Byron Bay's Stone & Wood Brewing have celebrated the fact we're the only planet with beer - by brewing beer - in six traditional styles that pay homage to each of their humble beginnings...

Camden Brewery Showcase

Sun 1st December from 3pm

North London comes to Thebarton!

A new-wave English Brewery doing their own thing, in cans, with more than a passing connection to Oz, a soft spot for Foodtrucks and a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ with Stone & Wood – we say Hells yeah!

Meet the Stone & Stone Beer 2012 Launch

Stone & Wood Co-founder and all round brewing legend Brad Rogers (formerly of Matilda Bay) is coming to The Wheaty to launch the 2012 edition of his Stone Beer and have a couple of post Derby pints in the Front Bar in the process...


Sunday August 19th 6-8pm, Front Bar