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Forest Paintings BY: Nina Rantanen

This latest body of work is response to living in a more natural environment in the Adelaide Hills. I look out of every window onto massive trees now instead of other houses as I did before in the City. My love of architecture hasn’t gone, it’s just been overlayed into trying to represent these beautiful trees in any way I can. And bugs. As a Greener Cleaner I’m interested in “good bugs” and as a human concerned with climate change, thoughts about ancient phytoplankton in fossil fuels have also crept into the pieces as influences. The paintings are about life cycles and energy, deforestation and choice. The pod shapes come from being a seedling grower for Trees for Life for many years. It amazes me how much energy and life can come from one tiny seed.

These are all experiments (maybe just like us!) and I hope you enjoy looking at them.


Thursday 6 December
6.00 PM
Thursday 31 January
Forest Paintings BY: Nina Rantanen