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Big Smoke: New Works by M. Bakewell

M Bakewell is an artist who works predominantly in oil paints. In 2010, she completed an Associate Degree in Visual Art from Adelaide Central of School of Art, before side-lining her arts practice for travel and further study. 

In Big Smoke, the artist depicts scenes from her experiences across regional Australia - pokey shop-fronts in one-road towns, caravan park toilet blocks, pubs, rodeos and boabs. While the works carry the artist’s myopic narrative within the aesthetic of the small town and outback, these are secondary to the histories and ontologies continually unfolding in the ‘frontier,’ where colonising processes are still so outwardly visible. The works in this show attempt to softly document the infatuating charm of regional Australia with the political and social tensions rippling at their seams.

Thursday 5 September
6.00 PM
Monday 30 September
Big Smoke: New Works by M. Bakewell