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SASS Exhibition

The UniSA Bachelor of Contemporary Arts 2018 graduate cohort are in the thick of their final year, which means many things. One important aspect is that the students have to raise ALL the funds to support their end of year Grad Show.  The Wheatsheaf Hotel are delighted to hold two of their events. SASS exhibition opens September 6th at 6pm, running until the 30th. On September 29th, the students will also be running an art market 1pm - 4pm, which all proceeds will be contributing to the graduate exhibition. 
The grad committee this year have taken on a huge job of scheduling in event co-ordinating to raise their target of over $15,000 for the exhibition night. So we hope you can join us in supporting their talent. 
SASS features donated works from selected alumni, staff and students, an exceptional prize raffle and a month long silent auction, with winners announced on the 30th of September. Details will be up on opening night on how to bid, so if you are in the market for some affordable original art, here’s a great opportunity!
Thursday 6 September
6.00 PM
Sunday 30 September
SASS Exhibition

An Exhibition of Drawings By Adrian Caon

Adrian Caon presents a collection of mixed media drawings that focus on the element of life and some of its close relatives, i.e. compounds.

The works are autobiographical and reveal an ongoing fascination with this once hip branch of science. I nearly became an organic chemist, but was turned off by the bad smells and the laboratory accidents!

Even today, film and darkroom chemistry are the main part of my photography practice.

Sometimes humorous and other times provocative, but always playful, the drawings present personal experiences … life adventures, misdemeanours and concerns with certain socio-political issues.

A great read, “The Periodic Table” by Primo Levi, is the literary inspiration.

Thursday 4 October
6.00 PM
Tuesday 6 November
An Exhibition of Drawings By Adrian Caon