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The Art of Swimming: Simone Tippett & Sue Ninham

In the year of Covid Simone Tippett and Sue Ninham started open ocean swimming together one wintery, Sunday morning. The icy sea, air and fear momentarily snapped them out of the funk they were fighting. Every swim was different. Colour and light. Tidal currents. Sound, smell and swell. Creatures, large and small. With ongoing weekly swims the funk has faded, wetsuits are closeted and creativity fizzes, swishes and flows. 

This exhibition is a celebration of beauty found in the ocean, friendship and art.  

image: 'Break', monoprint by Simone Tippett 2020

Thursday 11 February
6.00 PM
Monday 1 March
The Art of Swimming: Simone Tippett & Sue Ninham