Maison Coteaux d'Aix en Provence 2017 Rose


A fragrant and well balanced wine, AIX's hypnotising salmon pink colour reveals a fruity freshness and premium rosé. The nose is fresh and fragrant, delicate yet youthful and offers classy notes of watermelon, strawberries and flowers. Created using 30% of rosé bleeding and 70% direct pressing, the softest hint of Carignan was added to the classical Provence blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault to give the 2016 vintage an even more profound depth. Fermented between a cool 11 and 13 degrees Celsius, AIX Rosé is elegant, generous and tasty and the perfect wine to drink all day long.

AIX Rosé is made in the Provence region of France, just an hour North-East from the historical city of Aix-en-Provence. The Provence region is known for making the best rosés in the world. From the renowned appellation 'AOP Coteaux d'Aix en Provence', AIX nurtures its heritage and has a passion and dedication to make the best Provence rosé. Symbolised by the seal of two Mandarin ducks, ''AIX Galericulata'' in Latin, AIX is inspired by the same simple beauty of sharing one's life with another. Dramatic and full of colour, these birds that remain together for life reflect great devotion and generosity of spirit. You'll find the essence of this generosity cast back into every bottle of AIX Rosé.

Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault Rosé

Natureo De-alcoholised Rose

Shiraz Cab Sauv

Barratt Piccadilly Sunrise Pinot Noir Rose


Sourced exclusively from our Uley vineyard, a single clone (D5V12) of Pinot Noir grapes was hand harvested on March 16 at a Baumé of 13.4 degrees, pH 3.43 and titratable acid of 6.5 g/L.

After crushing and 48 hours of skin contact, the must was drained and gently pressed to tank for cooling and settling prior to yeast inoculation 8 days later.  A slow, cool fermentation was conducted to allow preservation of primary and fermentation-derived fruit characters.  Bottled July 5 2018.

Pastel pink in colour, the aromas and flavours are those of strawberries, pink grapefruit, rose petals and Turkish delight.  The palate is dry, finishing with lingering fruit flavours and crisp citrusy acidity.  Excellent as a refreshing aperitif or complimentary to most Asian–style dishes.

Piccadilly Valley
Pinot Noir Rose