Wolperdinger Dunkel Launch & Weihenstephan Tap Showcase

Posted: 13/12/16

Founded in 1040 Weihenstephan is the World's oldest continually operating brewery. Fair to say they've learnt a thing or zwei about beer in their near 1000 year history. Weihenstephan's range of Weizens, Lagers and Specialties are benchmarks of the style.

To say that collaborating with Weihenstephan was an honour is somewhat of an understatement.

It was as if us part-time ivory tinklers had been invited to jam with Bach; surreal and utterly implausible - in the best possible way. Weihenstephaner Braumeister Tobias Zollo is not only one of the best technical Brewers on the planet, crucially for us, he’s also a good sport. 

In October, with 978 years Brewing experience between us, we set about having ein bisschen bier Spaß...  

Name Wolperdinger Dunkel

Style Munich Dunkel

In a Nutshell Dark, malty, herbal and smooth. Nicht so traditionell.

Natürlich this involved creating a beer with links to our Brewery’s home countries; natürlich this link was in the form of Hops.

Enter Wolperdinger Dunkel - a Munich Dunkel with ‘bucket loads of shining Hops’ as much a hybrid as the mythical Bavarian Bunyip-like creature after whom it’s named.

We went for the sehr traditionell Malt Bill of eine echte Dunkel, with a nicht so traditonell single infusion mash (which Tobias took in his stride).

Hopfen-wise we enlisted neue fangled German Hops Hallertau Blanc & Huell Melon in Whirlpool & Secondary, with handvolls of Oz Enigma flowers in Hopback to geben Wolperdinger a wine-like, melon and citrus zing and lend a firma bitterness.

A long cool ferment with a blend of White Labs German Lager Yeasts & extended cold conditioning has resulted in a super smooth, balanced Dunkel that belies its stärke.

Vielen Dank Tobias!

We'll be pouring:

  • Wolperdinger Dunkel
  • Pilsner
  • Kristall Weissbier
  • Dunkel
  • Vitus

Kegs tapped 5pm

Don't drive das Auto!