Wildflower Masterclass: Amber Vertical

Posted: 27/11/18

Wed 5th Dec from 6-730pm

Tickets $20+bf through OZTIX Here

Go deep into the Wild with Co-Founder, bug wrangler, barrel whisperer and blender extraordinaire Topher Boehm of Wildflower Brewing & Blending.

Pioneers of Australian Wild Beer, Wildflower focus on fermenting beers with a mixed house culture of brewers yeast combined with wild yeast and bacteria foraged from New South Wales. They balance the tart, funky characteristics of their house culture to deliver a beer with length, nuance and subtlety. And they like to play…

Topher thought it would be kinda cool to do a vertical tasting of Amber, exploring four Blends of their well cellared, malt-forward, lightly acidic wild ale, followed by two special releases; Amber re-fermented with cherries and Gold re-fermented with cherries.

We’ll be tasting:

  • Amber Blend #3
  • Amber Blend #10
  • Amber Blend #14
  • Amber Blend #17
  • St Thomas 2018
  • Untitled: Gold/Sweet Cherries

Join Topher for a post-collaboration brewday Fancy and talk mixed culture fermentations, barrel aging, blending, Soleras, souring bacteria, Foudres, funk and anything else that tickles your pellicle…

Bookings essential!  

Cost $20+bf

Tickets through Oztix HERE or 1300 762 545