Wheaty Whisk(e)y: Feisty & Boisterous Tasting

Posted: 30/07/14

6-8pm Wed 13th August

$20+bf Tickets HERE

Forget about those subtle, soft, gentle, balanced and pretty Malts...

This is all about the power and attack of throat searing REAL Malts. Whisk(e)ys that singe the nasal hairs and scorch the throat on the way down. Whisk(e)ys that let you know they’re Whisk(e)ys. Whisk(e)ys the way they should be; subtle as a sledgehammer.

The only water on the table will from your tears of joy as you blast your palate with Five explosive drams.

Join Dr Paul “Let Me Play With Your Genes” Gooding & The Big “Who Ate All The Pies” G as they spend the night talking boisterous tough and assaulting your senses in the nicest possible way...