Wheaty Wet Hop Invitational

Posted: 02/04/15

Fri 24th-Sun 26th April

From 5pm, Front Bar

In a bid to celebrate this year's Hop Harvest and 'close the gap between paddock and pint'  Hop Products Australia released a clutch of green Oz hops - the freshest hops possible - straight off the bine.

With wet, fresh Hops readily available we jumped at the opportunity  to play – so this Hop Harvest (early March) the Wheaty Brewing Corps cranked out a couple of ‘Harvest Ales’ - to launch in late April over a dedicated Fresh Hop weekend.

We also extended an invitation to other Local Brewers: if you brew a Wet Hop Ale we'll pour it and endeavor to fill an entire Font - for the first time ever - with South Australian Harvest Ales.

And so the Wheaty Wet Hop Invitational was born - a weekend of Taps dedicated to Local Harvest Ales alongside excellent Interstate releases.

We'll be pouring:

  1. Big Shed 'Fresh Yeah' APA
  2. Smiling Samoyed 'Hop Harvest Ale'
  3. Young Henrys Harvest
  4. Mismatch Fresh Hop
  5. Wheaty Brewing Corps 'Green Team Australia' IPA
  6. Wheaty Brewing Corps 'Vienna Pale Ale'
  7. Bridge Road 'Harvest Ale'
  8. Bridge Road 'Dark Harvest'

Kegs Tapped 5pm Fri, on for as long as they last!