Wheaty Turns Proper Feral

Posted: 04/07/13

Wheaty Turns Proper Feral

Wed July 24th 6pm-8pm, Tickets $20

Meet the Brewer & Feral Tasting with Brendan Varis

Feral Chief Brewer and Co-founder Brendan Varis is finally heading  to The Wheaty for a proper Feral session;  meet the Brendan, have a chat about bugs, barrels, Hogs, Watermelons, respecting the pellicle, shared brewing facilities & what it's like to brew the beer consistently voted - for damn good reason -  the top (Craft) Beer in the country.

Our Feral Couplets tasting will run along the lines of: Hop Hog Vs Barrel Fermented Hog,  Karma Citra Vs Barrique O'Karma, Fanta Pants Vs Raging Flem, Boris Vs Handpumped Boris...

The final Feral Tap line-up is subject to tweaking - but rest assured it will be very Feral and very excellent.

Tickets available through OZTIX now!