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Posted: 01/08/14

09/07/2014 - Happily Ever After

The support for Wheaty Brewing Corps on launch night and beyond has been truly overwhelming - here's cheers and thanks to our excellent Punters!

And here's to the beginning of an exciting new beery era at the Wheaty...

Our already charmed and slightly surreal entry into the Brewing World got a whole lot more so - with Yeastie Boys Stu and David Cryer inviting our Good Beer Wheaty Yeastie collaborations over to NZ to help represent OZ at the legendary Beervana festival and at Stu's Little Beer Quarter pop-up bar. Needless to say, this is an extraordinary, and slightly terrifying honour. Kegs of Rauch Alici, Fug Oats This Is Point Of Difference and Tonic are on their way across the Tasman as we speak; our first ever beers, our first ever kegs, our first ever 'export'... If you're anywhere near Wellington August 22-23, get to Beervana and Little Beer Quarter for the love of beer!

Our next three beers will roll out over the next couple of weeks: a strong, dry and roasty Foreign Extra Stout (Handpump and regular Tap), an all-Australian-Hop IPA featuring new variety Enigma and our Adelaide Roller Derby Grand Final Ale: Booty Blocker Brown (tapped 9pm GF night August 16th).

Head to The Wheaty Brewing Corps website for specs and tasting notes for all of our beers and to see what's currently pouring at the Wheaty (On Tap), what's biding its time in the cold room (In Cellar), what's bubbling away in tank (In Fermentor) and what's next-up in the Brew schedule (On Horizon).

Wheaty Brewing Corps: Make Beer Not War