Wheaty Brewing Corps - Occupy Font

Posted: 29/09/15

Thurs 1st October from 5pm

The Wheaty Brewing Corps is set to annex 6 Taps - permanently!

The plan is to pour a Font full of our own Beers at all times, while continuing to pour excellent Beers from other Breweries across our remaining seven Taps.

To help ring in these changes, we'll be launching our latest contribution to the most important meal of the day: Whisk(e)y-Bix, a Whisky Barrel Aged edition of Wheaty-Bix Breakfast Stout.

Our friends at Iniquity Singe Malt Whisky lent us a French Oak Port barrel that had held Whisky for eight years, and in the firm belief that nothing improves Breakfast quite like Whisky, we promptly filled it with 100L of Wheaty-Bix. We kept it there just long enough to impart some oaky, Whisky warmth. Our complete Breakfast Stout just got a little more so...

Our opening Tap line-up:

  1. Wheaty-Bix
  2. Whisk(e)y-Bix (2 kegs only!)
  3. Sir Bob (Gelbhopf) Pils - Gladfield Malt
  4. Mirschzen
  5. Blackberry Saison
  6. Anaphylaxis
  7. Whisk(e)y-Bix - Handpump

Kegs tapped from 5pm

Head to The Wheaty Brewing Corps website for specs and tasting notes for all of our beers and to see what's currently pouring at the Wheaty (On Tap), what's biding its time in the cold room (In Cellar), what's bubbling away in tank (In Fermentor) and what's next-up in the Brew schedule (On Horizon).

Wheaty Brewing Corps, Make Beer Not War!