Wheaty Brewing Corps - New Brews

Posted: 28/01/15

The latest clutch of Wheaty Brewing Corps beers will roll out over the next few weeks:

  • Team Australia IPA 4th ed
  • Blood Oats the 2nd ed
  • Picnic Assassin the 2nd ed
  • Corps Promise the 6th ed
  • Schmutzig - a Pedio innoculated Kettle Sour Berliner Weisse
  • Thebby Bitter - Best End. A not so industrial Bitter brewed in honour of our light industrial suburb...
  • Goodbye Stranger - a fresh, hoppy Golden Ale brewed for 'The Marina Yacht Rock Experience' Fringe Show at the Wheaty Feb 19th-22
  • A Kettle Sour Raspberry Berliner Weisse brewed specially for Craft Beer Rising (Feb 28th - see below)

Head to The Wheaty Brewing Corps website for specs and tasting notes for all of our beers and to see what's currently pouring at the Wheaty (On Tap), what's biding its time in the cold room (In Cellar), what's bubbling away in tank (In Fermentor) and what's next-up in the Brew schedule (On Horizon).

Wheaty Brewing Corps: Make Beer Not War