What’s Malt Got To Do With It?

Posted: 01/05/17

Sat 13th May 3-5pm

Tickets $20+BF through Oztix HERE

Malt Masterclass, Tasting and panel discussion with Gladfield Malt Owner/Founder/Maltster Gabi Michael, Lobethal Owner/Brewer/Maltster Al Turnbull and Nomad Head Brewer Brooks Carretta

Gladfield are a small, family owned business producing World Class Malt from their Farm and Maltings in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Fantastic malt can only be made with high quality barley and having control of this equally critical step in the malting process gives us huge advantage. The majority of barley used by the maltings is grown here. Gladfield with its sophisticated modern day malting plant is unprecedented in the way it has combined the best of Barley growing, Climate, Experience, Tradition and Technology to create truly authentic hand crafted malt. We don’t just own the business we work for it, from the soil to the brewery. We look after craft brewers first, because we know before something is a great beer, it has to be a great malt!

When Lobethal Bierhaus Al was told ten years ago that it wasn’t practical, or even possible, for him to make his own malt this was a red rag to a (Turn)bull – which pretty much ensured that one day he would add ‘Malthouse’ to his Brewery, Restaurant and Cellar Door operation.

A fair amount of research and a number of years hard saving and we’re almost there. We have built our own totally bespoke 1,000 kg batch single vessel malting system, have added a “soon to be” converted commercial coffee roaster and turned several trial batches of local grain into beer…”

Sydney’s Nomad Brewing “marry the best styles & techniques from around the world with Australia’s phenomenal native ingredients. That’s our thing.” Prior to heading up Nomad, Brooks had stints brewing at Birra del Borgo, Dogfish Head, Baladin and Birreria/Eataly (New York) – and only last year headed to the Wheaty to pitch in on our most fishy of collaborations, Alici Bianco.

Join Gabi, Al and Brooks for an exploration of Micro Malting in all of its toasty, biscuity glory and talk modification, rootlets, diastatic power, protein levels and freshness, while tasting through a selection of Malt forward beers made with Gladfield malt by other breweries, brewed by Lobethal with their own Malt and made by Brooks with malt from all over.

Malt: the next big thing, or sweet old fashioned notion?


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