Uncommon Lobethals

Posted: 03/10/13

Drink an Uncommon Lobethal

Wed October 2nd from 6-8pm

Four Experimental Lobethal Bierhaus brews on Tap!

Al has been quietly working away on some new brews; a flat out new release, a work-in-progress presented with alternate endings and an experimental re-working of an old favourite - of which we have the only keg in existence (Al hasn't even tapped it at the Bierhaus bar!).

We'll be pouring:

  1. Neil Black IPA 5.9%
  2. Belair Red Menace 5%
  3. Hoppy Red Menace 5%
  4. Barrel Aged Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 11.7% (Handpump) - one keg only

On for as long as they last!

The Red Ale Story

"Brewed together with our friends from Belair Fine Wines, we have made  two batches of red ale using identical grist bills, but very different hop profiles – one is a traditional malt driven beer, the other considerably more bitter and floral. Both red Ales have been bottled and will be exclusively available at Belair Fine Wines (with perhaps a limited volume here at the brewery - and a handful of kegs at The Wheaty) during October.

Belair Red Menace “Traditional Batch” - 5.0% abv

Base malt, Maris Otter, specialties Cara roma and Cara amber; bittering hop Waimea, later hopping with EKG, Fuggles and Challenger.  IBU’s 20.

Belair Red Menace “Hoppy” - 5.0% abv

Number two in our series – the hopped version. Considerably higher use of same hop varieties during boil with view to double IBU’s, hop flavour and aroma. Small amount of dry hopping in the fermenter late in conditioning using a blend of including Zythos.

Neil Black India Pale Ale – 5.9% abv

Affectionately referred to as “Neil” in our brewery in honor of our customer who continually requested that we make it – hints of treacle / caramel like flavour, plenty of grassy hop aroma and close to 100 IBU’s by recipe although mellowing with maturity – attempt to keep roast to a minimum despite being nice and dark.

Traditional Ale, Munich, Crystal and Carafa Sepcialty malts, hopped using Waimea, EKG and Fuggles.

Barrel Aged Chocolate Oatmeal Stout – 11.7% abv

Using a 100Lt whiskey barrel borrowed from Ian at Southern Coast Distillers we aged a small amount of our Chocolate Oatmeal Stout for 12 months, half was bottled and the other half kegged – surprisingly abv lifted from 5.8 to 11.7% (independently tested by distillation) in the process, despite there having been nothing more than the residue of the prior whiskey at least evident in the empty barrel (oh, and it smelt rather nice even to a non whiskey drinker like myself).  This is very much a one off, the only other remaining beer from this test is in a small volume of bottles now hidden away..." Al