Uncommon Ferals

Posted: 19/03/14

Uncommon Ferals

Wed 9th April from 6pm

We've been lucky enough to land some very special Ferals - with characteristically dubious names -  which we'll be tapping for one night only...

Hopfen Fahrt German IPA (6.4%) IBU 52 OG 1.062 "Recent times has seen the traditional hop growing regions of Germany endeavoring to breed flamboyant and expressive aroma and flavor hops to rival the varieties offered by the new world US, New Zealand and Australian growers. We thought it high time to see what these new German hops were about and have sourced the high oil varieties of Polaris, Mandarina Bavaria, Saphire and Herkules. This German IPA has come out bursting with fresh stone fruit, mandarin and grassy aromas. The flavor is choc full of spicy resinous hops, and is rounded out by a solid whack of bitterness."

Nan's Driving Tea infused Amber ale (3.2%) 28IBU OG 1034 "Nan's driving is an Australian style amber ale with a slightly sweet malt body and an easy going bitter finish. At the end of fermentation we add jasmine and green tea leaves to the fermenter leaving the beer with an earthiness from the green tea and an aroma that may just remind you of your grandmother".  

Watermelon Warhead Berliner Weisse (2.9%) 8 IBU OG 1030 A light sour German wheat beer infused with half a tonne of local swan valley watermelons, added to the end of primary fermentation leaving a fresh, spritzy and refreshing beer.

Saison...Stay tuned

Kegs tapped from 6pm, on for as long as they last!