Three-Way Yeast Coast IPA!

Posted: 14/06/18

Sun 8th July from 2pm

Fixation Vs Modus Vs Wheaty

We launch Fixation's take on our 2016 Good Beer Wheaty collaboration - alongside Modus Operandi and Wheaty Brewing Corps versions of Yeast Coast IPA.

On Tap for one night only!

We'll be pouring:

  • Fixation - Yeast Coast IPA
  • Fixation - IPA
  • Modus Operandi - Yeast Coast IPA
  • Modus Operandi - Former Tenant Red IPA
  • Wheaty Brewing Corps - Yeast Coast IPA
  • Wheaty Brewing Corps - Corps Promise Rye Pale
  • Wheaty Brewing Corps/Three Weavers/Buxton - Brut IIPA

Kegs tapped, Fixation Tom and Modus Grant & Dennis holding up the Front Bar, Schlook Raffle, Soza's Sri Lankan & El Diablo Pizza all kicking off at 2pm.

Head for the Yeast Coast!