The Font Of Darkness 2012

Posted: 09/07/12

July is the month to surrender to The Wheaty’s other Winter ritual – one that doesn’t (necessarily) involve frocking up – ‘The Font of Darkness’. 

During July we sacrifice 7 of our 13 taps to the dark side, pouring varying shades of black across an entire font (and the Handpump) and exploring roast in all of its fiendish manifestations…

The Font of Darkness also features seven Oz Craft Breweries making their Tap debut at The Wheaty and we’ll be pouring some of their ‘lighter’ brews on the Other Font throughout July as well.

Opening Tap line up...

1. Brewboys Ace of Spades (Handpump)

2. Hargreaves Hill Foreign Extra Stout

3. 8 Wired Big Smoke

4. Mornington Peninsula Brewery Porter

5. Temple Brewing Midnight IPA

6. Steam Exchange Milk Chocolate Stout

7. ‘Poo Moo’ – Moo Brew Seasonal Stout poured through The Glasshopper – filled, with OJ’s blessing, with Indonesian Kopi Luwak Weasel Coffee Beans

Followed by:

Bridge Road B2 Bomber Mach 2.0 & Robust Porter; Renaissance Craftsman Chocolate Oatmeal Stout; Woolshed Brewery Firehouse Coffee Stout; Moo Dark; Mountain Goat Mocha Porter & Surefoot Stout; Feral Smoked Porter & Karma Citra Black IPA; Viven Porter; Southwark Old Stout; Rogue Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA; Moylan’s Orange & Black; Kooinda Black IPA (TBC); Prickly Moses Black Panther IBA; Hop Dog Beer Works (TBC); 8 Wired C4 Coffee Double Brown; North Coast Old Rasputin…