Tallboy & Moose Tap Showcase and Meet the Namesakes!

Posted: 18/09/18

Friday 21st Sept from 6pm

For Melbourne’s Good Beer Week this year, Tallboy & Moose featured the Wheaty Brewing Corps over several events and many Taps, including the launch of our collaboration ‘Universal Promise’ brewed at the Preston Brewpub.

Now, in the return leg of this Brew Pub exchange, it’s our turn to host the wonderful TB&M and their very excellent beers!

Join Dan (Tallboy) and Steve (Moose) for a post-Collaboration-Brewday Fancy and talk all things Preston, Goblinoids, outrageous fermentation temperatures, Haggis, Haze and the rise and rise of suburban Brewpubs.

We’ll be pouring:

  • Goblinoid – 7.1% Lupulin Powder IPA 
  • Lightning Axe – 6% Norwegian Pale Ale 
  • Cream Ale - 4.9%  
  • Shelfie – 5.8% Sticke Alt Amber
  • Pineapple Zing Tang – 3.8% Kettle Sour w/ fruit 
  • NITRO English Breaky – 5.2% ESB w/tea

Followed by; Blackberry Warpaint (Kettle Sour w/ fruit & lactose), SunRay XPA and Practically Bier (Honey Witbier).

Kegs tapped 6pm – on for as long as they last!