Stay Cwtch!

Posted: 27/04/18

Thurs 10th May 6-7:30pm

Tickets $20+BF through Oztix HERE


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Tasting, storytime and playful cachu droi with one of the finest Rebels this side of the Empire: Tiny Rebel’s Gazz Williams (WAL)

Welsh Craft Brewers ‘Tiny Rebel’ have one-inch-punched their way into the pints and minds of beer drinkers in the UK and beyond – and done it all at surge fist speed. “In just 5 years we have gone from home-brewing in a garage to a purpose-built, world-class facility.” Playful, prolific, fond of a pisstake and a pun, these raging Collaborators take beer very seriously and have the silverware to prove it: Cwtch! taking out the Champion Beer of Britain 2015*.

We wanted Tiny Rebel to represent us and things that we were interested in growing up - urban culture, 90's music, being a bit rebellious and not taking ourselves too seriously – and our passion for flavoursome, drinkable beers.”

If you’re going to help create and drive the Welsh Craft beer movement on the back of iconic beers, multiple venues, a state of the art Brewery and global success – why not do it with a difrifol sense of fun?!

*Cwtch! also taking out honours for best beer name ever, as determined by anyone who knows anything about such things…  



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