Sixpoint & Deschutes Tap Showcase

Posted: 30/11/13

Two iconic US Breweries on Tap in OZ for the first time - in all their full-colour glory!

Sun 15th December from 3pm

Sixpoint navigates you to a good beer world where Beer is Culture, Can is Poetry and style simply has no guidelines:

"It does not matter whether it is a Craft Ale or a Crisp Lager - if it is a Sixpoint, it cannot be defined.

"Take, for instance, Sweet Action. What is it? Is it a cream ale? Well not really, because it is brewed with elements of a Hefe-Weizen. So it is a Hefe-Weizen then, right? Well, no... because it has a hop profile similar to a Pale Ale. All right, well what is it then? It is Sweet Action. That's what it is."

Deschutes has been an American Craft stalwart since 1988, brewing a line-up of 'high-risk high-reward' beers from Oregon's high desert.

"What if you went to work thinking, "What rule can we rule out today? What sacred cow can we tip on its big, fat flank? What if the boss strode the halls urging: 'put the kettle to the metal, people.'"

Welcome to the funhouse called Deschutes."

We'll be pouring:

  • Sixpoint Sweet Action
  • Sixpoint Righteous Ale
  • Sixpoint Bengali Tiger
  • Sixpoint The Crisp
  • Sixpoint Resin
  • Deschutes Chain Breaker
  • Deschutes Inversion
  • Deschutes Mirror Pond
  • Deschutes River Ale
  • Deschutes Jubelale

On the night we’ll uphold the time honoured Thebarton Pub tradition of the ‘schlook’ raffle, whereby some lucky Punters will take home a little Sixpoint or Deschutes…

Kegs tapped 3pm, on for as long as they last.

Don’t drive the car!