Sixpoint and To Øl Tap Takeover & Meet the Brewers

Posted: 17/04/14

Fri 16th May, 6-8pm

Front Bar, Free Entry

Two of the beer world’s most experimental, idiosyncratic and philosophical keepers of the Brewer’s Craft are set to wreak havoc on The Wheaty’s Taps; and we can’t wait…

Brooklyn’s Sixpoint navigates you to a good beer world where Beer is Culture, Can is Poetry and style simply has no guidelines:

"It does not matter whether it is a Craft Ale or a Crisp Lager - if it is a Sixpoint, it cannot be defined. Take, for instance, Sweet Action. What is it? Is it a cream ale? Well not really, because it is brewed with elements of a Hefe-Weizen. So it is a Hefe-Weizen then, right? Well, no... because it has a hop profile similar to a Pale Ale. All right, well what is it then? It is Sweet Action. That's what it is."

Copenhagen’s To Øl want us to get this straight; “We are what’s called a gypsy brewery (or Pyrate/Nomad/Contract/Gold Digger Brewery). This means that we don’t own our own brewing equipment, but brew at others instead. We do this because we think it is the absolute best way to ensure the highest quality, the widest variety and continually being able to reinvent ourselves and the beers we brew. At the same time it is a way to make brewing social. Instead of turning grey by the fermenters, wewant to meet and talk to people all around the world. We are gypsies and we areproud of it. Soin short: If you want to visit our brewery, then it is not because we are unpolite snobs that we say no... We love session beers, we love complex beasty beers. In short, we want to make the best beers in the world. Period."

We’ll be pouring a host of Tobias and Shane’s beers including To Øl By Udder Means, Stalin’s Organ, Sofa King Pale, Long Time No See, Fuck Art This Is Architecture and Sans Frontier BA and Sixpoint Gorilla Warfare, Sweet Action, Bengali Tiger, Spice of Life Pacifica, Imperial Otis and Hi Res.

Come join Shane and Tobias at the Bar for a post-spooning restorative ale and talk cans, collaborations, poetry, Fuck Art, Sweet Action, Point of Difference, pirates, and the dawn of civilization; enjoy the show!

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