Sierra Nevada Occupy Font

Posted: 01/03/13

Five Sierra Nevada Beers across seven Taps for one night only!

Friday 8th March from 5pm

It's difficult to overstate the importance of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co in the development of the American - and therefore global - Craft Beer Movement. From pioneering the definitive American Pale Ale (the most copied Craft Beer in the world?) to devising revolutionary forms of hop aroma delivery (Hop Torpedo) and hardwiring experimentation (Beer Camp) Sierra Nevada are still at the forefront of an industry they helped forge nearly 35 years ago.

Needless to say we're delighted to have the great Sierra Nevada occupy our Font - even if it's only for one night...

In a Wheaty first we'll be pouring:

  1. Pale Ale
  2. Kellerweiss
  3. Torpedo IPA
  4. Porter
  5. Stout
  6. Pale (through The Glasshopper)
  7. Stout (on the Handpump)

Kegs tapped from 5pm - on for as long as they last

Don't drive the car!