Ryewaka Revival!

Posted: 01/12/14

Ryewaka Revival!

Fri 5th Dec from 6pm

A coordinated Wheaty Brewing Corps/Lobethal Bierhaus Collaboration Launch - pouring 'Ryewaka IPA' in the Hills and on the Plains.

The return leg of our collaboration with Bierhaus Al - two years after our original brew with him up at Lobethal - will be the first ever beer brewed outside Lobethal to be poured through the Bierhaus Taps. Quite an honour indeed!

Essentially, Ryewaka is a beer designed around a cheesy pun.

We love Rye, love Rye in beer, love Riwaka Hops and are more than a little partial to IPAs - enter ‘Ryewaka IPA’ - a Rye IPA featuring, you guessed it, Riwaka Hops. The idea of Ryewaka was to combine the spicy, fruity ‘hard’ grainy character of Rye with the sharp, spicy, grapefruit-pith kick of Riwaka in a fresh and zesty IPA.

We’ve simplified the original malt bill and added (more) Whirlpool Riwaka and Hopback Wakatu and the result is a leaner, hoppier, bitier IPA with less booze than its predecessor - still unmistakably Ryewaka.

Our next plan is to brew a couple of batches of Ryewaka; one up at Lobethal and one at the Wheaty, and pour them side by side - same recipe, different Breweries. Though I suspect it will take another two years to coordinate our respective brew schedules...

Ryewaka tapped at Lobethal Bierhaus & at The Wheaty from 6pm

Don't drive the car!