Roll Out the Barrel (Aged)

Posted: 16/03/14

Roll out the Barrel (Aged)

Wed 26th March from 6pm

It just so happens we’ve got a clutch of otherwise disparate kegs that share one characteristic; Barrel Action. So we’ve decided to draw that long bow and cobble together a Tap Showcase featuring seven beers that have had varying degrees of involvement with oak; from barrel fermented fly in fly outs to barrel aged epics, from India Black Ales and Ouid Bruin to Strong Ales and Porters, from Sacramental Wine to Cognac barrels and combinations thereof; these beers embrace the wood!

We’ll be pouring:

LoverBeer ‘Madamin’ 5.7% Oaked Wild Amber - Fermented and matured exclusively in oak vats.

LoverBeer ‘Dama Bruna’ 6.7% Oak Aged Sour Red/Oud Bruin – Fermented exclusively in oak vats, then matured for 12 months in large oak barrels.

LoverBeer ‘Beerbrugna’ 6.5% BA Farmhouse Blonde with Plums - Fermented for two weeks in stainless steel with a complex yeast strain containing brettanoymyces and lactic acid bacteria. Secondary fermentation for three-to-four weeks induced by Ramassin (Damaschine) plums from Valley Bronda. Matured in 3hL wooden barrels for nine-to-eleven months – and poured through our Plum filled Glasshopper

To Øl ‘Fuck Art This is Religion’ 8% BA Belgian Strong Ale - Aged in Sacramental Wine Barrels (really!)

Tiny Rebel ‘The Vader Shuffle’  6.5% BA Belgian Porter - A Wood Aged Belgian Porter in which the Welsh tear-aways have 'gone turbo' with the yeast

Feral ‘Barrique O Karma’ 5.8% Barrel Fermented India Black Ale – Karma Citra that has undergone primary fermentation in new French oak barriques before being returned to stainless steel for final processing and carbonation.

Bridge Road / Nøgne Ø 'Aurora Borealis II' 9.1% Barrel-Aged Tripel – A Cognac Barrel Aged seafarer, on Handpump - “The fourth and possibly final installation of our transequatorial barrel aged beer experiment with Nogne O. In May 2013 together with NogneO founder Kjetil, we brewed a Belgian style Tripel. This beer was then transfered into Australian Port barrels and shipped to Norway. Kjetil returned to Norway and brewed the same beer, and packed it into French Cognac barrels for shipping to Beechworth. We blended these barrels into tank, lagered in tank for a month and then kegged it." Ben Kraus

Kegs tapped at 6pm – on for as long as they last!