Mountain Goat Turns 15!

Posted: 04/10/12

Thursday 18th October from 6pm

Mountain Goat is about to turn 15 years old.

In the words of Goat co-founder Cam "I'm not sure how we’ve done it, but we’re still intact and we feel the need to celebrate. First up, Dave has been busy creating a birthday beer – the Triple Hightail, while I have been doing my best to put together a short tour of some of our favourite craft beer bars around the country so we can have a beer with our friends. (The very same people who have helped us get to where we are now).

So kicking off Wed 10 October where it all started – the Great Britain Hotel in Richmond (the first pub to give us a go back in 1997) we will be visiting 6 states plus the NT. We’ll have a good line up of Goat kegs with us and a few bottles of Triple Hightail too (we’re only bottling 250 cases of this one). Would love to see you for a beer along the way. Note: if you want to attend NT event at the Goat Island Lodge, you’ll need a boat (or a helicopter)."

Wheaty & the Goat go way back too (we've been proudly pouring Goat for nearly 8 years) and we're keen to celebrate the Goaters 15th with a bit of beery bandy hoo-ha!

On the night we'll be pouring 7 Goats:

  • Before the Dawn BIPA
  • Fancy Pants
  • IPA
  • Triple Hightail
  • Mystery Old Goat (even the Goat boys don't know what it is!)
  • Abbey Collabbey (Handpump)
  • Hightail Ale (Glasshopper)

The Bearded Gypsy Band will rollick the Front Bar from 7pm and with any luck manage to coax Dave to weild his famous Air Guitar...

Let Cam & Dave buy you a Beer - from 6pm

Don't drive the car!