'Moule Rouge' - Wheaty Brewing Corps + Gladfield Malt + Doctor's Orders Collaboration Launch

Posted: 30/06/17

Mon 24th July from 6pm

The plan for our Good Beer Wheaty collaboration with Gabi (Gladfield Malt) and Doc (Doctor’s Orders) was to brew a rich Red Ale showcasing Gladfield Malt and their distinctive Aurora, Supernova and Shepherd’s Delight malts in particular. Doc being Doc was keen on a Salty twist and the opportunity for a cheesy pun determined the direction of that twist – shellfish – and sealed the fate of 7kg of Boston Bay Mussels... 

Style: Mussel Red

In a Nutshell: Malty, salty, toffee and smooth. Come what may...

Enter Moule Rouge: a big, red, malty and briny Mussel Red, because we cancancan. Gabi’s Malt bill enlisted biscuity Vienna as a base with a fair whack of Aurora for a bready, fruitcake backbone, Flaked Oats for body and mouthfeel, Supernova for nutty notes and Shepherd’s for deep toast character - and a delightful deep red hue. Doc’s recommended dose of Hop Hash in kettle provided good clean bitterness and a dash of citrus which we topped up with Cascade in Secondary. A White Labs Irish Ale Yeast ferment gave Rouge a light minerally crispness without finishing too dry. 

And the Moules? We added a ‘Brewer’s Dozen’ Oysters to the 7kg of Moules in kettle – shells and all – to sure up that thread of smoke, brine and meaty Mussel. Such beautiful creatures of the Underworld...

Kegs tapped from 6pm