Moo Pale 2 Ways - the Reprise

Posted: 04/10/12

After backflushing our way through a bog of technical difficulties (aka Hop crud) associated with Moo Pale 5 Ways, we're ready to tackle a scaled down, 2 Way comparative Pale tasting. And this time we'll be employing our trusty Glasshopper to deliver the late Hop fix - blockage free.

As a thank you to all the lovely folk who turned up for the 5 Ways tasting and who were so patient when things didn't quite go to plan, Moo & the Wheaty would like to shout you a Pale or two; 2 Ways.

We'll be pouring Moo Pale:

  1. As it comes (Brewery dry hopped with Tassie Cascade)
  2. As we retro-fit it (Wheaty dry hopped through the Glasshopper, Hops tbc)

Kegs tapped from 6pm, shout 'til 8pm (unless it runs out beforehand).

Long live experimentation!