Mismatch 'Archie's Red' Three-Ways!

Posted: 30/09/13

Sunday Oct 6th from 3-5pm

We're teaming South Australia's newest Brewing Co with one of our favourite Food Trucks for an Archie's Red double bill.

Mismatch are a mishmash of industry professionals who are launching a brewing company that - refreshingly - relishes transparency; from where they source raw materials to where they make their beer.

"We believe that utilising excess space in other breweries will help grow the holistic craft segment by supporting those that have made investment in the area. For now we'll remain brewing nomads, searching for precious stainless steel, until we're in the position to afford our own." 

"Archie's Red Ale (5%) is a malt driven dark Red Ale balanced with a decent amount of hop bitterness. The Caraaroma and Rye add mouth feel, whilst offering distinct flavours and characters. Centennial and Cascade hops add a lovely citrus character. To ensure we don't lose any flavour we racked straight from the bright tanks to bottles and kegs, without filtration, pasteurisation or preservatives. Despite the 5% alcohol and appearance, Archie's is surprisingly session-able."

IBU: 35 (moderate bitterness)

EBC: 33 (colour - deep red)

GRIST: Pale, caraaroma, rye, torrified wheat, midnight wheat

HOPS: Centennial, Cascade

YEAST: Nottingham

MISC: Unpasteurised, unfiltered, no preservatives. Brewed at Brewpack NSW. 100 hL brew length

As per long standing Wheaty tradition, we'll be pouring Archie's Red Ale '3-Ways'; on regular Tap, On Handpump & through The Glasshopper.

As per the new fangled Wheaty tradition of 'Beer and Food (Truck) Matching', we'll be pairing Archie's Red with Archie the Pastizzi Bus - parked out front and serving their hot & flaky, sweet & savoury Maltese pastries from 3pm in a delicious Archie double...

Come meet the Mismatch crew and have an Archie or two; Sunday October 6th from 3-5pm