Loony Brews; Strange Ingredients & the Pursuit of Flavour

Posted: 25/04/16

Thurs 12th May


Tickets $20+BF through Oztix HERE

Tasting and storytime with three of the Southern Hemisphere’s finest proponents of putting weird stuff in beer: Darren Robinson (Doctor’s Orders), Joe Wood (Liberty Brewing) and Llew Bardecki (Wild & Woolly)

Doc is well versed in weird. He damn near specialises in the art of utilising seemingly outrageous ingredients and/or techniques to produce beers as balanced and moreish as they are intriguing and bent. From squid ink and cinchona bark to rhubarb and probiotics, there’s not much Doc hasn’t done - or won’t do.

By name by nature, Wild & Woolley’s Llew Bardecki cranks out a host of twisted brews from his Wellington based nano-brewery, enlisting everything from cucumber and Jerk spices to Gummy Bears and lavender in his quest to make the kind of bizarre beer he lives for.

Liberty “Crossing, Breaking and Blurring” boundaries Joe might just be the voice of moderation: relatively speaking, any beer brewed big on flavour could be considered weird: line a hop soaked Yakima Monster up against ‘flavourless fizzy lager’ and even hops start to look strange…

Join us for a talk and taste of weird: is it ‘new’ or a longstanding brewing tradition? How far will weird go?  Have we reached Peak Weird? Who’s calling who weird anyway?



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