'Ice Coffee' White Stout Launch & Hobart Brewing Co & Van Dieman Tap Showcase!

Posted: 25/08/17

Wed 6th Sept from 6-8pm

Front Bar, Free Entry

Worth crying over!

We'll be pouring Ice Coffee on regular Tap, Handpump and Nitro along with a tap Showcase of our Tassie Collaborators Van Dieman Brewing & Hobart Brewing Co.



In the same way that ‘White Chocolate’ isn’t Chocolate, ‘White Stout’ isn’t Stout – which made it the perfect beer to brew with Collaborators Scott & Jimmy (Hobart Brewing Co) and Will (Van Dieman Brewing), inspired as it was by stories of tasting one beer while describing another...

Our White Stout was all about embracing Willful misrepresentation; “like the opposite of the proverbial ‘Black IPA’, colour is just colour, so if we close our eyes we’re drinking a Stout”. Just as a Black IPA looks Stout but drinks IPA, White Stout looks IPA but drinks Stout; golden, smooth, chewy and roasty – with coffee and chocolate characters that belie its appearance.

And therein lay the challenge: getting all that roast flavour and aroma into the beer without using dark malts and/or otherwise effecting colour...


  1. Wheaty Brewing Corps/Hobart Brewing Co/Van Dieman Brewing - 'Ice Coffee' White Stout – Regular Tap
  2. WBC/HBC/VDB - 'Ice Coffee' White Stout – Handpump
  3. WBC/HBC/VDB - 'Ice Coffee' White Stout - Nitro
  4. Hobart Brewing Co - 'Tascadian' Dark Ale
  5. Hobart Brewing Co - 'Cream Ale'
  6. Hobart Brewing Co - 'TIPL'
  7. Van Dieman Brewing - 'Motor Mouth' IPA
  8. Van Dieman Brewing - 'One Night in a Black Tent'
  9. Van Dieman Brewing - 'Chardonnay Pale Ale'

Kegs tapped from 6pm!

Join Scott and Will in the Front Bar for a carton or two and talk White Stout, mistaken identity, cold steep, Armageddon, sharing the love & anything else that gives you a lift to work.

It's an Ice Coffee White Stout or it's nothing...