Home Brewer Vs Pro Brewer Vs Hops

Posted: 19/04/15

Sat 16th May 3-5pm

$20+bf Tickets Here

Tasting and panel discussion with Sandy Ross & Jon Burridge (Hopco), Red Proudfoot (Pirate Life), Charlotte Grant (Young Henrys), Laura Mirsch (Wheaty Brewing Corps) and SA Brew Club.

A three dimensional look at Hops in brewing: how to choose them, how to use them, where to put them and when - as viewed by those who brew for a living, those who brew for fun, and those who source Hops from all over the world and sell to both. We’ll compare brews, techniques and process and encourage a bit of friendly chirp along the way.

Would Pro Brewers be Hop Bursting without Home Brewers showing them the way?

Would Home Brewers be condemned to Pride of Ringwood without Pro Brewers creating demand for new fangled Flavour & Aroma Hops?

Do IBUs matter?

How do Hop Traders identify the ‘Next Big Hop’?

Are Hop Contracts the way of the future?

Have we reached ‘Peak Hop’?

Get set for a rip-roaring journey through isomerization, Lupulin Threshold Shifts, utilization, Dry Hopping, Alpha Acids, Cohumulones, perceived bitterness, Hop Markets and resin!

Bookings essential

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