Hobart Brewing Co Showcase & Tassie Gose Launch

Posted: 31/03/16

Sun 17th April

From 3pm, Front Bar

In late 2014 Wheaty Brewing Corps collaborated with then Moo Brewer Scott Overdorf on our 'Kettle Sour Saison'. In February this year we headed down to Tassie for the return leg of our Kettle Sour collaboration exchange - this time brewing in Scott's own brand spanking new Hobart Brewing Co. The beer: a Kettle Sour Tassie Gose.

In a Hobart Vs Thebarton friendly, we'll showcase a Font of Hobart Brewing Co's beers lined up against an equal number of Wheaty Brewing Corps brews.

Let's Gose!

We'll be pouring:

Hobart Brewing Co

  1. Harbour Master Tasmanian Ale 
  2. Xtra Tasmanian Pale
  3. Saint Christopher Cream Ale
  4. Shake 'n Grind Tassie Gose

 Wheaty Brewing Corps

  1. Green Team Australia
  2. Wheaty Wheaty
  3. Kettle Sour Blackberry Saison
  4. Black Lime Gose

We'll be Food trucking: Los Pinchos Locos

Kegs tapped 3pm, on for as long as they last!