Here's Cheers...To Beers

Posted: 19/04/15

Thurs 14th May from 8pm

Front Bar, Free Entry

Linocut exhibition opening by Runt.

“The decision to mix business and pleasure has been an apparently good choice for Runt.

The latest creative urge took him back to a medium unexplored since High School, namely linocutting. While this was enjoyable enough on its own, there was potential to combine it with watercolour to create unique examples of a similar thing.

Enter beer.

With so many wonderful and potentially unknown types of beer out there he felt it his duty to educate people in what is hopefully an artistic and enjoyable way. With Runt being a full time Brewer when he isn’t painting, it certainly seems beer has been a valuable addition to both his professional and personal life…” Rob Hunt

Showing until June

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