Fountain of Hoppiness

Posted: 26/08/15

Kicks off Wed September 2nd from 6pm

Over 60 Hop Monsters from 30 Breweries pouring throughout the month.

The Fountain of Hoppiness is set to put a spring in one’s step and a pucker in one’s moosh this September as we do our bit to engage the ‘Lupulin Threshold Shift’ across the land.

We reckon every day is IPA day, and throughout September this is more true than ever – enter ‘The Fountain of Hoppiness’. We sacrifice 6 of our 13 taps to Hops, pouring varying levels of hoppiness across an entire font and exploring Humulus Lupulus in all of its fiendish manifestations…

Opening tap line-up for The Fountain of Hoppiness:

1. To Øl Insane in the Grain

2. 8 Wired Sunshine Daydream

3. Moor Return of the Empire

4. Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter

5. Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds

6. Wheaty Brewing Corps Irony Pale Ale

Followed by:

8 Wired West Island IPA & Tall Poppy; Beavertown Bloody ‘Ell; Big Shed Californicator IPA; Birra del Borgo ReAle Extra; Brewboys Hoppopotamus; Bridge Rd Little Bling; Cavalier Pale; Doctor’s Orders Plasma & Prescription 12; Dry & Bitter Uprising; Epic Hop Zombie; Evil Twin Fitzroy Hipster; Golden Road Heal the Bay IPA & Point the Way IPA; Hargreaves Hill Pale, ESB, Zenith IPA; Little Bang Beard Fiction; Lobethal Double Hopped IPA; Mismatch IPA; Moor Ready Made 2;  Nomad Secunda Pils; Pirate Life Throwback Session IPA, APA & IIPA; Sierra Nevada Torpedo; Smiling Samoyed IPA; Stone Pale 2.0, Ruination, IPA, Go To IPA & Delicious IPA; Temple Anytime IPA; Tuatara APA; Victory Dirtwolf; Wheaty Brewing Corps Blood Oats, Black Pils & Sir Bob and more...

The Fountain of Hoppiness unveiled from 6pm Wed 2nd September

Kegs on for as long as they last; Hoppiness pouring throughout September…

Why ‘IPA Day’ when you can ‘IPA Month’?