Font of Darkness 2016

Posted: 19/06/15

Kicks off Wed 6th July from 6pm

The Font of Darkness VII envelopes The Wheaty this July…

Over 60 Dark Beers from 30 Breweries pouring throughout the month.

July is the month to surrender to The Wheaty’s other Winter ritual – one that doesn’t (necessarily) involve frocking up – ‘The Font of Darkness’. We sacrifice 7 of our 13 taps to the dark side, pouring varying shades of black across an entire font (and the Handpump) and exploring roast in all of its fiendish manifestations…

Opening tap line-up for The Font of Darkness:

1.Hargreaves Hill RIS 2015 

2. Bridge Road B2 Mach 6.0

3. Epic Imperium

4. Feral Boris Snapper

5. Smiling Samoyed Dark Ale

6. Wheaty Brewing Corps WILKO

7. Townshend Black Strap Porter (Handpump)

Followed by:

8 Wired Flat White, iStout, Big Smoke & Rasta; Baird Angry Boy Brown Ale; Birra del Borgo Keto Reporter; Brewboys Ace of Spades; Brewcult Milk & Two Sugars; Bridge Road Porter & Brew 1000;  Dainton Sneaky Son Smokey Stout; Epic Fig & Coffee Oatmeal Stout; Founders Porter; Kaiju Cthulhu Black IPA; Little Bang ‘May Contain Traces of Panther’ Porter; Lobethal Bierhaus Red Truck Porter & Chocolate Oatmeal Stout; Mismatch Banofee Brown; Mornington Peninsula Brewery Sacchariferous Stout, Two Dogs Oatmeal Rauchbier, 2014 RIS, Commonfolk Coffee Brown, Dark Lager, Double Black IPA; Nail Chocolate Brown; Pirate Life Barbe Noir & Foreign Extra; Red Duck Porter; Sierra Nevada Porter & Stout; Temple New World Order Stout; To Øl Jule Maelk; Victory Storm King; Wheaty Brewing Corps BIPA, Satsuma Porter, Tawny Porter, Wheaty-Bix, Alici Nero, Corps Blimey! & Anaphylaxis Manuka Smoked Chipotle Black IPA; Woolshed Firehouse Coffee Stout; Yeastie Boys PKB...and more!

The Font of Darkness unveiled from 6pm Wed 1st July

Kegs on for as long as they last; Darkness pouring throughout July…