Drink Local Hoppiness!

Posted: 29/08/16

Fri 30th September from 3pm - one night only!

Heaps good Hops.

For the third year running we're filling a Font with South Australian Hop Monsters - and embracing a very Local kind of Hoppiness.

We'll be pouring:

1. Big Shed Californicator IPA

2. Mismatch Red Moon Red IPA

3. Little Bang 50 Dalyrimples IPA

4. Lobethal Bierhaus Double Hopped IPA

5. Pirate Life Throwback Session IPA

6. Brewboys Hoppapotamus

7. Wheaty Brewing Corps Cascade Single Flower IPA

Come join the Brewers in the Front Bar for a pint or two of heaps good Hoppy Ales brewed in our own backyards!