Doctor Orders

Posted: 19/04/15

Sun 17th May 4-6pm

Front Bar, Free Entry

Darren ‘Doc’ Robinson prescribes some of his own rare releases alongside a best-of Tap line-up for the last night of Good Beer Wheaty.

Doc is the only Brewer to have attended every Good Beer Wheaty and so has been charged with wrapping-up formal GBW proceedings – somewhat ominously the night before his brewday with the Wheaty Brewing Corps… And what better way to do it than by prescribing a legal cocktail of his own rare, bent, retro-fitted and utterly delicious brews, alongside his Best Of selection of Birra del Borgo, Victory, Beavertown, 8 Wired, Jester King, Pirate Life, Young Henrys and Wheaty Brewing Corps as poured over the last four days.

Join Doc in the Front Bar for a chat about squid ink, bourbon barrels, quinine, Manuka Smoked Malt, rhubarb and botanicals and surrender to his Prescriptions; Iron Lung, Transfusion, Electrolyte Serum, Exhumed, Defibrillator, Zephyr and Prescription 12.

Download full Good Beer Wheaty 2015 Program Here