Cwtch! Tiny Rebel Tap Showcase

Posted: 13/10/17

Sun 29th Oct from 3pm

Front Bar, Free Entry

Welsh Craft Brewers ‘Tiny Rebel’ have one-inch-punched their way into the pints and minds of beer drinkers in the UK and beyond – and done it in the nicest possible way. Playful, prolific, fond of a pisstake and a pun, these raging Collaborators take beer very seriously and have the silverware to prove it: Cwtch! taking out the Champion Beer of Britain 2015.

Our Tiny Rebel Tap Showcase will feature:  

  1. Cwtch!
  2. Fubar
  3. Mojito Sour
  4. Cali
  5. Clwb Tropicana
  6. Beer Money Inc IPA
  7. Stay Puft
  8. Dutty Vermont IPA  

Kegs tapped 3pm

On for as long as they last!