Craft Beer King: Judging a Book by its Cover!

Posted: 07/01/17

Sat 14th Jan, 3-5pm, Free Entry (bookings essential)

So you think you know SA Craft Beer?

Are you smarter than the average Beer Geek?


When: Saturday 14th January 3pm-5pm

Where: Wheatsheaf Hotel

What: Competitive Blind Tasting with a ton of prizes

How to register: Head to and register your interest via the contact page.


"Don’t judge a book by its cover, is a saying that was drummed into me as a kid. This was most likely to try and persuade me to read more books, but this saying can be used in many different scenarios, particularly in the craft beer world.

Picture this: You are at a bottle shop; you are scanning the selection trying to determine what beers you should spend your hard earned money on. What factors are involved in your selection process? Why do you buy the beer that you do? Is it because you have heard good things? Is it because you have seen the breweries social media page and their beer looks good? Did you purchase that beer because that particular brewery is cool at the moment? Or do you buy that particular beer because the label looks sweet? Surely its not because the beer actually tastes good!

Of course people judge a book by its cover, that’s why we spend so much bloody money on our labels,” Craig Basford Big Shed Brewing Concern.

This leads to more questions, such as, would you continue to drink the beer you love, if it didn’t have a shiny label? Can you confidently say that you could pick a beer that you drink regularly just by the taste? Does their branding play any part in why you drink their beer?

So many questions to be answers and so many answers to be questioned... "

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