Coalition Man and March of the Mincing poodle

Posted: 04/12/14

Sat 13th Dec from 8pm

Free Entry

We pour 'Coalition Man', our first barrel aged Warehouse Ale, to coinicide with the launch of Soursob Bob and Emma Woolcock's new song"The March of the Mincing Poodle".

Last year The Wheaty copped a Trolling at the hands of 'Coalition Man', ostensibly in defence of Christopher Pyne against a satirical art exhibition hosted by the Pub. We responded in the best way we know how; by brewing a beer.

Naturally that beer had to be sour, pink, buggy and lightweight. So we brewed a light, tart wheat ale infused with raspberries and aged for it two months in ex-Wirra Wirra Church Block barrels. Unlike 'his' namesake, Coalition Man the beer is refreshing, delicate, complex and considered, and designed to disarm witchhunty fervour...

Coalition Man tapped from 8pm

March of the Mincing Poodle launch from 9pm

The adults are in charge...