Cinq Saison

Posted: 31/12/12

Cinq Saison

Wed 9th January 6pm-8pm

Sink a Saison as we feature five Saisons on Tap - one night only!

It's a good a season as any to settle in to a Saison session and we've rustled up a selection of these fruity, spicy, tart and dry farmhouse ales that explores Old World, New World, Traditional and Modern interpretations of the style; though not necessarily in that order...


We'll be looking at an Old World brewery cranking out a New World Saison (Toccalmatto), a couple of New World breweries tipping their hat to tradition (Moo and Temple), a Victorian brewery making up it's own rules in a New/Old World Collaboration (Bridge Road/Nøgne Ø) and in a Wheaty first on Tap, THE classic benchmark Saison - Dupont.


We'll be pouring:

1. Saison Dupont

2. Toccalmatto Supernova Suicide

3. Temple Saison

4. Moo Saison

5. Bridge Road/Nøgne Ø India Saison

 Kegs tapped from 6pm - on for as long as they last!