Bridge Road/Black & Brew Collab 'Hopikopi Sour' Launch!

Posted: 19/03/18

Sun 25th March from 3pm

Front Bar, Free Entry


For our latest collaboration with coffee-fiend and Tour Down Underer Ben Kraus (Bridge Road Brewers), we decided to take a perfectly good IPA and ruin it. Twice.

By ‘ruin’, we mean sour and caffeinate it - to surprisingly delicious effect.

The Sour: we took a Wheat and Acidulated-Malt heavy wort and kettle soured it with Yoghurt. This involved throwing literal bucket loads of Natural Greek Yoghurt into the warm wort and leaving the Lacto (Acidophilus & Casei) to produce its trademark tang over the next couple of days, dropping the pH to a brisk 3.6.

The Hopi: first wort Warrior aside, we reserved all of our Hops for the fermentor; double dry hopping with copious amounts of Amarillo, El Dorado and Enigma for a big orange/tangerine hit without the bitterness.

The Kopi: Rich Ballard (Black & Brew Coffee) brewed us a batch of cold brew concentrate which we added to Secondary - a super-light roast Ethiopian (Xade Burqa) from Two Fish Coffee; light, delicate and citrussy with mild acidity and only a hint of roast. A coffee that played well with Hops.

Hopikopi Sour: fruity, tangy and earthy with bursts of candied orange and coffee - an absolute Jaffa!  

Rich pouring samples of Black & Brew cold brew 3pm-5pm

Kegs tapped 3pm

Los Pinchos Locos Foodtrucking from 4pm