Bridge Road Brewers; Mayday! Mayday!

Posted: 06/01/18

Wed 17th Jan 6-8pm, Front Bar, Free Entry

Join long term ally Ben ‘lives and breathes beer’ Kraus in the Front Bar for a cracker Bridge Road 'Mayday Hills' Tap line-up and plenty of chirp.

Independent, adventurous, outspoken and - most importantly - makers of excellent booze,  Bridge Road Brewers have long walked the talk:

"We constantly tweak our beers and develop new recipes to satisfy the curiosity of ourselves and our customers alike. We are not prepared to just pump out a couple of run of the mill ales or have our beer brewed under license by someone else. We prefer to create beer from scratch, using our own production equipment on our own site in our home town of Beechworth, it’s our passion, not a hobby or a chance to make a quick buck.

Small batch, hands on brewing, means that each bottle of this beer gets the attention it deserves. Others go to great lengths to put up a facade of a small hands on facility, when in reality their beer is being produced by a central brewery, who is responsible for many ‘brewery’ brands. Be sure to find out who is making the beer you purchase."   

We'll be pouring:

  1. Mayday Hills Marmalade
  2. Mayday Hills Honey
  3. Mayday Hills Elderflower 
  4. Mayday Hills Thursday
  5. Bridge Rd 2017 Creek
  6. Bridge Rd/Wheaty Bar Series - 'Berried Alive!'

Come join Ben in the Front Bar for a post-Brewday Pint and talk barrels, bugs, independence, Saisons, Foeders, 100% Brett, stuck ferments, TDU and anything else that clicks your gears.

Kegs tapped 6pm, on for as long as they last!